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Meet the amazing leisure travel counselors within Ambassador Tours. These three have passion and creativity for all things travel and have been the heartbeat of the agency for more than 25 years. Ambassador Tours’ combined experience exceeds more than 200 years in travel knowledge so we work hard to offer the best prices, best service and the best possible vacation for every travel interest; which is why we always say, with Ambassador Tours, you’ll travel better…. for less.

Peter Flanders

800.989.9000 ext 203

I have been in the travel business for 30 plus years, and 22 at Ambassador Tours! I have always had a passion for travel and have had the good fortune to explore many spectacular countries around the globe. I have always had a passion for travel and feel very fortunate to be able to turn my love of travel into an amazing career. As one of our resident Group Travel experts, I have had the pleasure of working with clients whose members include the Mason, PG&E Retirees, family reunion groups, Bridge groups and many more! The best thing about working with a travel agent from Ambassador Tours is you get to take advantage of our experience & knowledge, and put it to work for you!

Italy is my favorite vacation destination. I love culture, food and wine! Also, Tahiti for the beauty and beaches my favorite hobbies are San Francisco Giants, cooking and entertaining

Maureen Menezes

800.989.9000 ext 213

I have been fortunate to be doing the job I love for over 30 years. Long enough that the kids I once sent on vacation with their parents are now traveling with their own kids. I have worked and lived in several different countries and have travelled to many parts of the world. I have first hand experience in most components of travel having worked for an airline, a wholesaler and of course in retail.

I travel through my clients and it is so exciting that every phone call I get to go through a different part of the world each day.

I think I have the best but most misunderstood job - most people do not know what a travel agent does. Firstly Travel Agents do not cost anymore. Travel agents are " All Inclusive" - we do hotels, vacation packages, rail travel, cruises and any other components required to make it a perfect vacation. Travel agents help clients get the most value for their vacation dollars. Good travel agents can help you book just a cruise or plan a complicated itinerary . The agent will know who to call to get the information and answers. Travel agents are always on the lookout for better rates and amenities even after your initial deposit is made. Most travel agents are always available when that unexpected problem may happen.To their best ability they will save the client time and money.

My favorite hobby is cooking - I love trying recipes from around the world. I also like pairing
theese dishes with appropriate wine. As far as favorite destination, I personally always tell my clients that I am their shadow on their trips!

Bryan Pollard

800.989.9000 ext 201

I have been working at Ambassador Tours for 6 years now! But I did grow up in this business, seeing as I’m 3rd generation! I love all kinds of travel, whether it is a tropical beach vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico, or a historical vacation to Europe! I was drawn into the travel industry not just to be able to travel, but to help our clients create lasting memories, something my grandpa Stan has been saying to me for a long time. The best thing about working with a Travel Agent is everything! You get to be as involved as you like, while using our expertise to ensure you get the best vacation for the best deal possible!

If I had to pick, I would say Italy is my favorite for the amazing history, great food and wine, and home of one of my favorite sports teams (Juventus)! I would have to say my favorite hobbies would be traveling and sports!

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